Best Oysters Ever at Loch Fyne Egham

Loch Fyne Egham

When my dear friend David comes to visit me from, it is always a challenge for me to find the right restaurant for us.  We enjoy fine dining, however we like to be able to relax, have friendly service and a good old laugh at ourselves in the process.  As a lover of seafood, I suggested we try Loch Fyne Egham.

I am a big fan of lobster.  I glanced at the other options on the menu but I had made my mind up.  David posed the question “are you having a starter?”  Then pointed out the Oysters.  I wasn’t sure at first, but there was something kind of naughty and indulgent about it and the temptation was too much for me to resist.  David and I are both easily led when it comes to spoiling ourselves, so we threw caution to the wind and went for it.

Loch Fyne Egham Flavia Gray
Oysters; Tequila & Lime, Beetroot & Horseradish and Natural

Oysters Galore

The oysters are served in four different ways; natural, tempura with chilli jam, beetroot & horseradish and tequila & lime (over 18’s only).  We decided to have one of each.  The tequila comes in a little pipet which you squirt onto the oyster along with a squeeze of fresh lime.  Then you simply tip the shell up and sip it all down. If you love tequila, as I do, then this is going to blow your mind!  These would be the ultimate party starter.

Loch Fyne Egham Flavia Gray

Of course it was only right that we enjoyed a chilled bottle of fizz with our oysters.  We went on to try the beetroot and horseradish oysters which were delicious, as were the natural oysters, but nothing could come close the the tequila and lime ones in my view.

Loch Fyne Egham Flavia Gray

I must say I wasn’t sure what to expect with the tempura oysters.  I couldn’t see how this could work, but my goodness, when I took the first bite I was in heaven. One of the most delicious foods I have ever tasted.

ships and champagne loch fyne lobster main course

Time for main course. Whole baked lobster is usually served with french fries, but we chose not to have them.  With a beetroot, pomegranate and chicory, goat’s curd salad on the side, we tucked into the most delicious lobster.  Unfortunately for the lobster, it had been hugely upstaged by the oysters, and although I would highly recommend it, next time I will just order 6 – 12 oysters for my entire meal.

Overall Experience

Loch Fyne Egham has a friendly and sophisticated ambience.  We were served by a lovely man named Mark who made us feel very welcome, relaxed and well looked after. And that is not the prosecco and oysters talking!  The incredible food was certainly supported by great service and lovely interior design.

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