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Travel Toiletry Bags Organizer

Travel Toiletry Bag Organiser

Don’t leave home without one of these, but be aware that your liquids will still have to be able to fit in a small transparent bag if you have it in your hand luggage at the airport.

These lifesavers are handy in so many ways. Not only does it make it easier for you to find you stuff, it also has that handy little hook at the top. For those of us who love to cruise, we know how important it is to maximise storage facilities. This bag will just hang on the back of most cabin bathroom doors, leaving your sink area clutter free.

I particularly like this one, because it offers water-resistant material and has thick padding which gives the contents good protection. It is machine washable and has a lot of little compartments for different shapes and sizes.

It comes in a good range of colours so this would be a great gift for men, women and kids. It’s use doesn’t have to be restricted to toiletries. I could see myself using it as an in-flight entertainment pack for my four year old son. A few little cars, crayons, tissues and small snack packets.

I use mine for my travel essentials. Apart from the usual toiletries I have to have:

  • Lip Balm – I’ve become so dependent on mine.
  • Hand Cream – obviously to prevent drying but I just love the smell of some of them.
  • Wipes – Sticky fingers, make up removal/face freshener and for those little spills.
  • Nail file – One of the things that drives me insane is a jagged nail that catches on everything.
  • Pain killers – Not necessarily for me, but have you ever been sat next to someone who doesnt stop moaning about a pain they’ve got? Problem solved. I take a wide range from Day and Night Nurse to Nurofen plus which are great for migraine.
  • Headphones – Music, audio books etc.
  • Throat sweets – Nothing worse than a sore throat.
  • Tinted Moisturiser – I don’t wear much make up, but this is a nice little skin tone evener.
  • USB travel charger – Stay connected. No battery equals no job!

What are your favourite things that you cannot travel without?


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