Our Family Christmas In Florida 2015

Spending our first Christmas In Florida

It was something I had always dreamed of doing, but had not managed to do in the past. To be able to spend Christmas in Florida was simply incredible. I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are thinking about escaping the cold at this festive time. Here are just some of the reasons why.

Farewell Blighty

Tip – First of all, when travelling long haul to somewhere like Florida, use an airport lounge. A No.1 Lounge pass is £25pp or free if you have a Barclays Travel Plus Pack

Airport Lounges

Arriving in Florida

The best part of flying to Florida with a 2 year old boy, was meeting the other desperate parents,. To give nearby passengers a break, they had congregated at the rear galley (sorry crew).  Most of all, having cleared around 50 or so laps of both aisles you probably wont get DVT. Our first glimpse of the Florida sun made it all well worth it.

Christmas In Florida

Car Hire Tip

Avoid picking up your hire car from the airport because short queue takes for-ev-errrrrr!!! It’s the last thing you want to do after a long flight if travelling with children. So get a taxi and pick up you pre booked hire car locally the next day. Make sure to include all insurance, local taxes, unlimited mileage, sat nav and child seat at time of booking as this will make a huge saving.

Also, it is best to use a major credit card (one that racks up free airmiles) for holding deposits, otherwise companies will put a hold on funds in your bank account which can take a while to be released back to you.  The same applies when on a cruise.

Tampa to St Pete

I took a cab to the Beachcomber Beach Resort on St Pete Beach.  It cost $72 dollars but I notice that the local company, Bats Taxi charge $54, as a result it is worth booking directly with them before you leave home.  This was the the first time I had seen the hotel decorated for Christmas and it was beautiful.

Christmas In Florida

They recently refurbished the hotel rooms and the bar known as Jimmy B’s Beach Bar  giving a plusher feel to the resort.

Christmas In Florida

Good Morning America

Since we woke up at 3am, we were ready for the beach by sunrise!

Christmas In FloridaSt Pete is one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida therefore I wasn’t going to miss my first glimpse of it in over four years.


We stayed at the Beachcomber Hotel which is a great value considering the location, facilities and atmosphere.

Not too far from St Pete Beach is Madeira Beach where you will find the beautiful John’s Pass Village. They have an annual Christmas Boat Parade. The boardwalk was beautifully lit up and the parade was amazing. I met my friend Deb of 22 years and as Josh slept through the whole thing, we went for a drink and had a good catch up.

Christmas In Florida

To The Rescue

When I picked up my hire car from Dollar, I discovered that you have to fit the child seat yourself and I’m not a great with diagram instructions.  I had heard that Fire and Police Stations often supply and fit child seats, so we made our way to St Pete Beach Fire Station (any excuse!)

The fireman was friendly, helpful and gorgeous!  He explained how to adjust the seat straps, as a result I was able to install it myself. Consequently, we had photos with one of the fire trucks, which was decorated with a Christmas bow.  Another fireman came out to Josh with a plastic firemans’ hat and a sticker.  It  made Josh’s day……… and Lucy and I were quite pleased too.

Christmas In Florida

Back at the Hotel

Josh loves the pool.  This is where Lucy learned to swim many years ago, so it holds fond memories.

Christmas In Florida

 Christmas In Florida

A Day at Walt Disney World

No trip to Florida would be complete without a visit to Disney.

Click here to see the fabulous photos from our day in the Magic Kingdom

Shopping Tips

Realising I hadn’t brought the lead to download and charge my GoPro, gave me the perfect excuse for a trip to Target. It’s a great store and stocks Mossimo which I love.

Tip – For most things the first place to try is Walgreens, as they actually had the cable I needed for about $5 instead of the $20 multi charger pack I ended up having to buy at Target. There is one on St Pete Beach and on Treasure Island.

Christmas In Florida
Joshua enjoyed playing in the soft golden sand of St Pete Beach

The hotel next door to us is the Guy Harvey Outpost, named after and designed by the artists who painted the hull of Norwegian Cruise Lines‘ newest ship Norwegian Escape.

Christmas In Florida
Guy Harvey is a well known for painting the hull’s of the newest Norwegian Cruise Line ships.

Carolling on Sunset Beach

My friend Deb, had invited me to join her on Sunset Beach for some Carolling.  We met at 5pm and people had put a lot of effort into dressing their dogs, golf buggies and themselves for the occasion.

Local people and businesses open their doors to the “carol singers” and provide them with a drink and a snack.  As a result there were a lot of people taking part.

Christmas In Florida

We had popcorn and a shot of Fireball Whiskey at the first stop. Due to my naivety, I was keenly waiting for the singing to start, but I didn’t hear anything.  Deb had warned me that there would be a lot of drinking. A song sheet was handed and some singing did take place.
Christmas In Florida on Sunset Beach Dog with Santa Hat

After a few stops I was ready to call it a day, since I had a 4 hour drive to Fort Lauderdale in the morning.

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