Cruise News – Flavia – A Ship Of My Own

I am pleased to announce today that I have bought a cruise ship of my own, to bring a unique experience to cruising.

Cruisers have been asking for changes to be made for years, but the cruise lines just aren’t listening. I wanted to provide a solution to the topics that arise time and time again.


For guests who do not wish to pay gratuities at all, there will be a self catering option. You will be able to order your food online through your regular supermarket before your cruise. Instead of requesting a home delivery, you will be able to request a ship delivery. (Please note this is only available for UK departures and must be ordered no later than 7 days prior to departure)

All areas with service staff will have key entry facilities. Cruise cards for passengers with the Gratuity Free Package, will be restricted to self serve areas of the ship only.

There will be a dedicated room on each deck, where you can collect clean bed linen and cleaning products for use in your room.


The three main restaurants, ‘Top Hat and Tails’, ‘Flip Flops’ and ‘Never Happy’ have been created to help people choose the style that suits them.


With the recent rise in Adult Cruises, kids have been feeling very hurt and left out. My new cruise ship will offer kid only cruises in the half term holidays, which will give them a break from their parents.

Please let me know what you think of my brand new cruise ship in the comments below. Happy 1st April to you all.


  1. I’m in I’ve got my flip-flops but the big question is can I wear crocs with my top hat and tails. As for kids only cruises could you imagine the Internet use 😎

  2. Hi Flavia What wonderful news I have been hoping you would do this. At last a ship were I can make use of my Top Hat & Tails moor than 4 or 5 times a year at the races. I have thought only using so little was a shame. I am not so happy about he self catering unless I can bring my own stuff. Is this possible? May be you can let me and cruise dates ASAP please. I wish you the very best with this new venture. May god bless the M V Flavia and all sail on her David

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