A New Chapter As a Freelance Travel Writer

Flavia Gray Freelance Travel Writer

It’s Anchors Away for Flavia Gray

It’s an exciting day in the Gray household today as I’m embarking on a brand new journey. I really hope you will come along for the ride, as I promise there will never be a dull moment.

This means that I am now officially a Freelance Travel Writer. I no longer have any ties or affiliations with Travel Counsellors or any Travel Agency. The reason I have decided to make the move into journalism is because I am passionate about cruising and travel, but I have never wanted to be in sales. I believe that if there is an element of sales involved, then it can cause bias in what is said and I want to be honest and impartial. I was also prompted to take the leap of faith after the sudden and tragic loss of my writer hero John Honeywell.

It’s Not About The Money

The first thing my customers and friends said to me when I told them the news was “How are you going to make any money?” Well to be quite frank, I wasn’t making any money as a travel agent. I am rubbish with figures, spreadsheets, finances, admin and all of that stuff. Another contributing factor, is that cruise agents seem to be in battle with each other and I refuse to get into a dutch auction. I have read on many forums how people are confused about the variation in pricing. Well I am in the process of putting together a free guide for my subscribers, which will give you everything you need to know to understand how to beat the system. It’s actually very simple and once you know what is going on behind the scenes the power will be in your hands.

So back to the question about making money as a writer. Well the ads you see on my website are hosted by GoogleAds. I get about eight pence for every 1000 views. Not a lot is it? So you can help by sharing my posts with your friends if you think they are interesting, or by letting me know what sort of thing you want to read about. I would love you to leave a comment at the bottom of the page too, so I know you have stopped by and what you think of each article.

All of my travels are self funded unless otherwise mentioned, which means I need to do other work to help raise money for the website. One of them is as a background artists, and I will be sure to let you know if I am scheduled for a tv appearance.

Services and Collaborations

I am a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance. If you have a website or publication that you would like me to write for, please email me at shipsandchampagne@gmail.com

If you are a blogger, please feel free to leave any comments with links to your blog and I will be sure to check it out and comment.



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