20 Great Gifts For Cruisers from £3 – £50

Cruise Themed Presents

Here are a few of my favourite cruise related things for men, women, children, babies and pets that are available on Amazon.co.uk. So you don’t need to spend a day searching the shops for ideas, just a few minutes of online shopping and you will be putting a big smile on that cruise loving face of theirs.

£10 and Under

1. Cruise Ship Lapel Pin Badge £3

A great little cruise ship lapel pin gift for adults, but the kids love to put these on their lanyards too.

2. Home Is Where The Anchor Drops – Wall Sign £4

This wall sign serves as a reminder of the beauty of cruising.

3. World Famous Ships Top Trumps Game for Kids or Adults £5

These top trump cards make a great Christmas Day game or to prevent boredom on long journeys.

Great Gifts For Cruisers

4. Life Ring Light Pull (Red) £5

Another nautical reminder when you turn on the light with this life ring light pull.

5. Silky Nautical Neck Scarf – £8

This nautical neck scarf will add a splash of colour to any cruise wardrobe.

Great Gifts For Cruisers

6. Nautical Socks £9

The perfect gift for first time cruisers, to navigate around the ship with these port and starboard socks. Just makes sure they are on the right foot.


7. Beaded Lanyard £10

Add a touch of class with this pretty beaded lanyard.

Great Gifts For Cruisers

8. Wooden Tissue Box Cover £10

I think this is a lovely gift for the home or office. More details can be found here

£20 and Under

9. Baby Girls Sailor Dress 3 – 24 Months £11

This cute baby dress comes in white or navy and is totally adorable.

Great Gifts For Cruisers

10. Propeller Cufflinks £11

These cufflinks just make me want to wear a dress shirt.

Great Gifts For Cruisers

11. Brass 50 Years Nautical Calendar £12.50

This sleek polished brass paperweight is also a 50 year calendar.

12. Romper Suit 3 – 18 Months £14

Isn’t this adorable? This would make a beautiful gift. Check here for sizes.

Great Gifts For Cruisers


13. Maxwell & Williams porcelain mug, in gift box £17

Enjoy your morning brew in one of these gorgeous porcelain mugs. 6 designs to choose from.

14. Poop Deck Door Sign £18

A bathroom sign with a difference.

15. Anchor and Compass Sterling Silver Pendant £19

Just remember we are looking at gifts for other people. But why not  grab one for yourself while you are at it. Order here to get it before Christmas

Great Gifts For Cruisers

16. Captain Wine Bottle Holder £20

Put this Captain wine bottle holder on your table at a dinner party to get the conversation going on your cruise adventures.

Under £25

17. Anchor and Wheel Design Braces £23

Hold Up! These nautical braces will put a smile on your ship mates face. Available in two designs.

Great Gifts For Cruisers

18. Nautical Canvas Beach Tote £21 – £26

This lovely big tote bag is not just for the beach. Take it shopping or use it for embarkation day to put your cozzie in so you are pool ready.


 Under £50

19.Vintage Brass Pocket Watch in Wooden Box £35

Step back in time with this classic pocket watch. This is a beautiful gift and comes in a solid wooden box.

20. Outdoor Nautical Cushion Set of 3 £50

Who wouldn’t love these water resistant cushions to give garden furniture a touch of nauti?


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