How I Lost Weight On A Royal Caribbean Cruise

It’s Not All Gravy On A Cruise

Did you know that the average person puts on 7 pounds of body weight on a seven night cruise?  It’s hardly surprising with the abundance of food available onboard a cruise.

That’s pretty scary right? I imagine that would put a lot of people off booking a cruise in the first place!

As I write this post, I am sitting next to a lovely lady by the name of Patti Klepic. We have just met at a conference about ketones and ketosis, in Orlando, Florida and naturally I started talking about cruising. “Do you want to know how I lost weight on a Royal Caribbean cruise?” Patti asked me. She then proceeded to tell me how she lost 5 pounds in weight during a 10 day Royal Caribbean cruise on Serenade of the Seas.

So How Did Patti Do It?

When you were on the cruise what did you have for breakfast?

I didn’t, I only ate one meal a day

Do you do that when you are at home?

Yes. I do that at home because I drink exogenous ketones which control my appetite and give me energy. So I’ll drink one in the morning and then I’m good to go all day. I’ll drink coffee with full fat cream and then I eat one meal a day, dinner or if I eat lunch then I eat a big lunch and only have a snack at night. So on the cruise I ate two appetisers . . .

What time did you have dinner on the cruise?

8 o’clock at night.

The late one?

Yes because I don’t like to come off an Island in a hurry to get ready to eat, I want to have a relaxing dinner.

So you are telling me that you would get up in the morning, at what sort of time would you get up?

Eight, nine.

You would get up you would not have any breakfast and you would go out?

No. I would have coffee with fat cream.

Did you make that yourself or did you take that on with you?

No, I drank my own ketones and went to the onboard Lattitudes cafe and I would have basically a Starbucks. I would have an Americano with heavy whipping cream in it.

And they provide that on the cruise?

Yep, you just ask for it.

So you had your coffee in the morning, then you went off the ship and went exploring for the day and you didn’t feel tired or hungry?


And you didn’t at any point feel tempted to . . .

No I didn’t eat anything when I was out because i wasn’t hungry. I would take water off and buy it if I ran out.

Meal Time

So then you’d eat eat at 8.30 So you’ve had your ketone in the morning, you just had one so far right?  Then you had your dinner at 8.30. What did you have?

I would have either a double caesar salad without croutons but with full dressing. Or I would have a caesar salad and a shrimp cocktail.

Then I would order two main course entrees, I would not have a starch I would order double vegetable on my plate, and then I would ask them for a separate plate of the seasons vegetables for the night.

So you said you ordered two starters and two entrees?

Yes Ma’am.

Wow! Ok so what would you have when you say two main courses?

I would have maybe prime rib and the vegetables that went with that, then pecan crusted salmon with whatever vegetable that was. So I would mix a beef with a foul or a beef with a fish. So yeah that’s what I ate.

What about alcohol, do you drink at all?

I don’t drink alcohol because I don’t drink the sugar.

Would you have another ketone later?

I would have one when I went back to my room usually right before bed, a non caffeinated one.

I guess your exercise was walking around the Islands?

Yes and I didn’t take the elevators. I was on the eighth floor and I walked the stairs until I couldn’t walk up.

Patti’s Top Tips

You know the average person puts on 7lb on a seven night cruise? So for people who don’t do keto, have you got any advice for them?

Yes. Don’t eat the bread, don’t eat the potatoes, don’t eat the rice, don’t eat the buffet unless you know exactly what you’re going to eat on it. Take a walk around, decide what you are going to have, and fill your plate once, go sit down and leave the dining room. Forget about the desserts, they may look good but they won’t feel good on your butt when you get home.

Some people would say, yeah but Im on holiday, I can have what I like.

Health doesn’t take a vacation.

You mentioned ketones? Do you have to be on the keto diet for that?

No you do not. In order to be in nutritional ketosis, all you have to do is drink one of the exogenous ketones and within 45 – 60 minutes you will be in nutritional ketosis whether you are on a keto diet or not.

So if somebody is going on a cruise and doesn’t want to put on the weight, maybe it’s a good time to try the ketones. Maybe they could take it with them as a sort of deterrent?

Well actually my suggestion would be start taking them 6 weeks before the cruise. so you got the pool body that you want to have and then take them with you.


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