How To Embrace Rainy Saturdays At Home

Saturday is as high-value as days come. From Monday to Friday we’re in work. On Sunday, the fun is mostly over, and we’re thinking about the forthcoming week. But Saturday? That’s the best part of the week. We have all the excitement of an empty Saturday to look forward to, and we know that the following day is nothing but a day of rest.

A Lazy Lie In

There aren’t too many opportunities to lie in bed, and especially not without feeling guilty. But a rainy Saturday morning is one of those opportunities. You know that you don’t have all that much to do today, so you don’t need to jump out of bed and attack the day. Instead, you can just lie in comfort and watch the falling rain in peace. 

Delicious Breakfasts

Throughout the working week, we usually just have to eat a quick breakfast. On sunny weekend mornings, we may prefer to get out and eat an expensive brunch somewhere in town. But when it’s a rainy day, you’ll have a chance to make a delicious breakfast. If you make a full English with a side of orange juice and coffee made with freshly roasted coffee beans, you’ll be living well. Turn on the radio, enjoy the process of being in the kitchen, and embrace all the best parts of domestic living — in large part, eating well!

An Afternoon on the Couch

You’ll have nowhere to be and nothing to do, so why not sink into an afternoon on the couch? This is something that many of us dream of when we’re working in the office. Now, you’ve got the opportunity. When the weather is so unagreeable, there’s nothing better than sinking into the couch and binge-watching one of those awesome shows on Netflix. Alternatively, you may decide to have a movie marathon. You know that a day spent watching the Back to the Future trilogy is a good day!

Board Games

At some point, you might grow a little tired of just watching television. There’s only so much time on the couch that some of us can handle before we start to go a little insane. When that moment hits, why not look at getting out a board game and engaging in a bit of healthy competition with your family, perhaps with a cocktail? If your home is running a little low on board games, take a look at the best family games available — there have been plenty of great ways that have come out in the past few years. Just be sure not to take the game too seriously…you can’t go for an angry walk when it’s rainy! 

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