How to Plan a Romantic Cruise Holiday 

I’m thrilled to be able to share with you another great post by guest blogger Wayne Thomas.

There can be few things in life as romantic as life on the open sea. Cruising is growing in popularity year-on-year and with so many destinations now available for you to cruise to, it’s easy to see why.   

Some 27.2m people cruised in 2018, up 10% in 2016, and with facilities improving and service standards on the rise, that boost in numbers is set to continue.  

With lavish dinners, stellar entertainment and a myriad of activities to do – and that’s just on board – cruising has long been the choice for couples and families looking to escape. But cruise companies are increasingly catering for romantic getaways.  

Cruises are, in many ways, inherently romantic by their very nature. The itinerary is decided – a combination of cities and the open sea. You share new experiences and adventures with the person you love, as the ship takes you to the places along the route and sets you up for another day where you can create endless memories. Couples’ private dining options, tailored massages, exclusive entertainment, cruises have it all.   

And to help you book the perfect trip, here are our key tips on how to plan your next adventure.  

1. Pick a point on the map 

The sheer variety of options you have are extraordinary. Venice, the Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii, Norway, California. The options are extraordinary and apparently endless.

Cruise ships now visit more than 100 countries across the world and allow you to explore stunning white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, incredible and varied wildlife and animals, as well as some of the most celebrated cities on earth. So, before you do anything, decide what kind of cruise holiday you want to go on, narrow down the options and make your choice. You can even go on round-the-world cruises for up to 245 days a year. 

2. Get the boring bits taken care of 

Once you have booked, you will no doubt daydream about all the magnificent experiences that await, but before you get carried away make sure you have everything taken care of. Do you need inoculations where you are going, have you taken care of your travel insurance? In some countries, such as Thailand, travel insurance is now mandatory, so please make sure you check and get it booked – especially as you’ll be visiting different countries.

Once these bits are arranged, you can relax and start researching the wonderful destinations that await, so that once your cruise liner drops anchor you can make the most of your time on dry land. 

3. On-board extras  

Once you have chosen your destination, make sure you spend some time looking at all the options your cruise company offers once you are on board. Many will arrange private, romantic sunset dinners, others will offer special couples’ massages.

There will be plenty of options for you and your loved one, but don’t leave it until you get on board or you may find you have left it too late and availability is limited. You have been warned. 

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