MSC Bellissima’s Cirque Du Soleil Shows

MSC Bellissima and Cirque Du Soleil reveal new shows

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The unique long-term partnership between MSC Cruises and Cirque Du Soleil, has changed the face of entertainment at sea.  In March 2019, two brand new Cirque du Soleil at Sea shows, SYMA and VARÉLIA, launched on board MSC Cruises’ new flagship, MSC Bellissima.

The Carousel Lounge

To house these amazing shows, MSC Cruises have designed a state-of-the-art live entertainment venue called the Carousel Lounge. It is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, complex rigging systems, a 360-degree rotating stage and high-specification audio & lighting equipment. What makes this venue even more unique is its 413 guests capacity, making the experience intimate, and the interaction between the guests and performers even more special.

The multi-million-Euro, custom-made entertainment and dining venue, allows guests to enjoy dinner or cocktails and then watch the Cirque du Soleil at Sea performances. The shows can be seen six times a week.

Image: MSC Cruises – Carousel Lounge
Image: MSC Cruises – Carousel Lounge

Video projection mapping is used during the show to project visual content, on tangible set elements and props.

Image: MSC Cruises – SYMA
Image: MSC Cruises – SYMA

The Shows

SYMA is a fantastical odyssey into the heart of an imaginary world, and the search for a mysterious island inhabited by phantasmagorical creatures. The guests on board MSC Bellissima are embarking on a journey of discovery, just like the main character of the show. Immersive video images, an original set design, bioluminescent lighting and acrobatic feats, make SYMA an unforgettable show.

Image: MSC Cruises – SYMA
Image: MSC Cruises – SYMA

VARÉLIA is a tale of modern chivalry where love and courage triumph over the greatest divides. A medieval tale with a futuristic twist, VARÉLIA follows a classic story arc in a cartoonesque world which adds a humoristic touch. Audiences will delight in the acrobatic feats, the laser show and the unique set design.

Image: MSC Cruises – VARÉLIA
Image: MSC Cruises – VARÉLIA

How To Book

Cirque du Soleil at Sea can be booked in advance at a reduced rate.  Any remaining seats will be available to book onboard. For a three-course meal before the show, guests pay €35. If they just fancy a speciality cocktail and enjoy the pre-show, that begins 30 minutes before the start of the Cirque du Soleil at Sea performance, guest pay €15

MSC Meraviglia was the first ship to debut the new Cirque du Soleil at Sea concept, with the launch of  two shows VIAGGIO and SONOR in June 2017. They recently celebrated the 1,000th performance on board. Work is already underway for the next shows for MSC Grandiosa, that will launch in November 2019.

Cruise With Flavia onboard MSC Bellissima

I look forward to finding out, as I will be stepping onboard MSC Bellissima on 25th October. Want to join me? Simply email to register your interest.

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