Smart Check-In Guide For A Royal Caribbean Cruise

Step-by-Step Guide to Royal Caribbean’s Smart Check-In Facility

Royal Caribbean Smart Check-in

My favourite email is the one that says “It’s time to check-in for your cruise”, but this one is extra special. It’s the pre-inaugural event for Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas.  It is known as the first-ever ‘Smart Ship’ for its unrivalled technology, a ‘Game-Changer’ in the field of cruising.   So let’s see what it’s all about.

Royal Caribbean Smart Check-in
The online smart check-in process now includes the option to add your own security photo and check-in time which is great for me, as I want to get onboard as early as possible.
Royal Caribbean Smart Check-in
Having completed my on-line check-in, I can print my set sail pass and luggage tags.  Now it’s time to plan the on board experience.

Royal Caribbean Smart Check-in

Cruise Planner

With two nights onboard, there is a lot to fit it, so I need to pick my must do’s.  I start with the dining, which has been revamped from the traditional main dining room and renamed Dynamic Dining.  Not sure how I feel about this and I have heard mixed views from other people, but I think it will be like that song you hear at first and don’t like, but then it grows on you and ends up being one of your favourites.
Royal Caribbean Smart Check-in
One of the things I look forward to most on a cruise is the Main Dining Room Formal Night experience, so I opt for one night in The Grande, where every night is formal night.  Not wanting to overdress on the first night, I decided to try Silk, the pan Asian complimentary restaurant.
Having booked my dining I move onto the shows.  The Quantum Class is all about entertainment, so it has to be top of the list to experience the production of Starwater in the most innovative theatre in the world, Two70.  I know that THIS is going to be an experience I will be talking about for a very long time after.
Royal Caribbean Smart Check-in
With dining and entertainment reservations made, on-line check-in complete, set sail pass and luggage tags printed, all that is left to do is pack.

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