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Ships and Champagne – My Promise To You

Hi, my name is Flavia. I am a single mum of two living in Surrey, England.

Ships and Champagne was initially just a blog created to showcase my cruise experience as a travel agent. However, since the launch of Ships and Champagne in 2013, my personal journey has been huge. I want to share with you  how, despite being expelled from school with no exams and having brought up two children with no financial support from their fathers, I have;

  • Cruised over 20 times most of which cost me next to nothing or were free
  • Put my daughter through private school
  • Appeared in tv and feature film including Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (the one with Johnny Depp not the other one!)
  • Performed at the London Palladium, sung with 80’s band tight fit, appeared on albums as a backing vocalist
  • Visited Florida over 20 times
  • Worked as cabin crew
  • Wrote travel articles for national newspapers
  • Written off the majority of my holiday costs as business expenses
  • Started multiple businesses with no money
  • and other achievements that you can do too

The Ships and Champagne Lifestyle

I want to offer everyone the opportunity to achieve the champagne lifestyle regardless of their current personal and financial circumstances. Not only am I going to give you a step by step guide on how to achieve these things practically, I am also going to explain the mental game you need to master in order to ensure success.

The Boxing Ring Of Life

Everything you read on Ships and Champagne (except the guest posts) is a result of my 50 years of being in the boxing ring of life, experiencing many many massive blows, falling down, crying, wanting to give up, but getting back up again.

Your First Action Step

If you are currently in a situation where you have absolutely NOTHING and you are ready to change your life, I would love to hear from you and help coach you through this journey (for FREE). So please drop me an email at shipsandchampagne@gmail.com and put “START” in the subject heading. I will send you a reply and a free gift to get you started (no strings attached).

Are you ready to unlock an amazing life?

LET’S GO!!!!!!

Here are the books that have helped me immensely and I strongly urge you to grab a used one from Amazon or go to your local library and rent it for free.


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