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Photo Copyright by Andrew Sassoli-Walker solentphotographer.com

Cruising Alaska with the Sassoli-Walkers Part 4

It’s the last instalment of the Sassoli-Walkers bucket list cruise as they spend a day in Victoria, Canada before taking the train from Vancouver to Seattle.

Andrew’s photographs never fail to amaze and this cruise has certainly given him the platform to show his skills at their best. If you have enjoyed the first three blog posts, you are going to love Cruising Alaska with the Sassoli-Walkers Part 4 just as much.

Here it is in Andrew’s own words and pictures.

Day Eight

A visit to charming Victoria in Canada on our last evening onboard Emerald Princess which rounded off our Alaskan adventure very nicely indeed!

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Emerald Princess docked in Victoria, Canada

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Victoria, Canada

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Inner Harbour with Canadian Parliament Building at dusk. Victoria, Canada

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Last sailaway – Emerald Princess

The cruise might be over, but for us we still have another day in Seattle followed by a 3 night stay in Vancouver.

Day Nine

So, normally a cruise comes to it’s conclusion and one disembarks with a tinge of sadness that it’s over. Not for us, as we decided on a one night stay in Seattle followed by a trip to Vancouver for a few days!

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Pike Place Market is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, United States. The Market opened August 17, 1907, and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States (source Wiki)

Instead of going to admire the view from the Space Needle, we opted for the Sky View Observatory at the Columbia Tower which happens to be the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest.

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – View of the Space Needle and Emerald Princess in Seattle

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker: Emerald Princess sails away on another Alaska cruise from Seattle

Whilst up there we had a grandstand view of Emerald Princess departing on another Alaskan cruise.

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker: Seattle Southside at Sunset from the Sky View Observatory at the Columbia Tower, the tallest building in the Pacific Northwest.

Day Ten

Another highlight of our adventure was taking the Amtrak Cascades train from Seattle to Vancouver.

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Amtrak, King Street Station, Seattle.

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Amtrak, King Street Station, Seattle.

Photo Credit: Andrew Sassoli-Walker – Amtrak, King Street Station, Seattle.

Anyone familiar with the line between Exeter and Teignmouth will always be impressed when the line hugs the coast around Dawlish. Well this was the same but magnified to an phenomenal scale! We opted for business class which, was worth the extra as the train was packed solid. Certainly a trip I would wholeheartedly recommend!


I hope you have enjoyed reading about Andrew’s family cruise. Links to parts 1, 2 and 3 are below, in case you missed them.

Andrew has his own website and is available for professional photoshoots. Details can be found at solentphotographer.com

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Cruise People – Jenny Elliott – Celebrity Cruises

Jenny Enjoys Helping People Find Their Dream Cruise

I first met Jenny in 2009 at a bmi cabin crew recruitment day, where I discovered her sweet nature and passion for travel, as we shared our nervousness and excitement at the time. We recognised each other two years later when our paths crossed again but this time it was at the Royal Caribbean office in Weybridge. Jenny now works solely for Celebrity Cruises and I wanted to find out what life is like for a Personal Cruise Specialist.

How did you come to work in the Cruise Industry and what was your first job?

I did a 2 year BTEC course in Travel and Tourism where I achieved a distinction! Straight from college I started working for First Choice in one of their travel shops and stayed there for 5 years. After that I decided to move onto selling Cruises. I worked for Teletext Cruises and then onto Royal Caribbean.

What is your job role and what do you enjoy about it?

I am a Personal Cruise Specialist for Celebrity Cruises. I enjoy talking to different people and helping them find their dream cruise. Some people have saved for a long time and need help with what to book. I have built up a good client database and have regular guests who always keep in touch, even when they are onboard.

Jenny receiving her award for Outstanding Customer Service

What is the most memorable event you have attended as a result of your job?

There have been a few but I would probably say the Emma Pontin Memorial Event onboard Eclipse sticks in my mind. She is the Godmother of Eclipse and sadly lost her life to breast cancer a couple of years ago. She was a real inspiration to me and when she passed it was very sad for all of us at Celebrity. We held a memorial onboard the ship in her honour and invited her family and friends along. We presented them with a special glass penguin that was made on the ship, as that was her favourite animal. You can see the penguin proudly standing next to her portrait on Deck 3.

What challenges do you face in your day to day job role?

The main challenge is availability. We try and encourage guests to book early to secure direct flights, or specific room configurations, such as adjoining rooms, midship locations or accessible rooms. But the closer we get to the date of departure, the harder it is to find guests exactly what they are looking for.  It is disappointing for both us and the guests, when there is no availability.

What was your last holiday?

In September I flew to Seattle and went on a 1 week Alaska cruise. The landscapes there are amazing and I’ll never forget flying over the Juneau Icefield in a seaplane, just a couple of hundred feet above a glacier. There is so much to see there I think you could easily spend 3 weeks visiting different places. I would do another Alaska cruise without hesitation.

Cruising in Alaska

Have you got your next holiday booked and what/where is it?

Currently my next holiday is a cruise to the Norwegian Fjords next September onboard Celebrity Silhouette. I have some friends coming with me as it is my 30th birthday next year. My parents are also coming as it is my Dad’s 70th. I have not been to the Fjords before so I am really looking forward to it. The pictures that I’ve seen from my guests look amazing!

What are your hobbies?

Cruising of course! I’ll try and do at least two cruises a year. I also enjoy going on country walks. I borrow two Wee-chons (Westie x Bichon Frise) from a neighbour and we walk through the fields. They love the outdoors. I like doing yoga to help me relax as working in the office can be stressful sometimes.

Name one or more things on your bucket list.

I’d love to cruise around New Zealand as it looks like a beautiful country. Alaska and the Norwegian Fjords were on my list but they are now ticked off.

If you could create your dream cruise what would it be? 

I’m happiest when I go away with my close friends. I also love sailing from Southampton because you don’t have to fly and have a couple of relaxing sea days before the ports begin. My dream room would be the reflection suite that has a cantilevered shower! Or one of the new edge villas that have a private plunge pool!

What would you say to someone who is thinking about taking their first cruise?

Do it! You won’t regret it. I book so many people on their first ever cruise and everyone comes back raving about it and want to book another one straight away.

Check out the new ship coming from Celebrity Cruises – Celebrity Edge

For the latest offers and promotions go to celebrity cruises.co.uk