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Best Pub in Southampton for Titanic Fans

Ever since I first saw the Titanic movie, I have wanted to visit the pub where Jack wins his ticket to sail on the fateful ship. So when I arranged to meet Cruise Miss in Southampton, this seemed like the perfect excuse to find it. Of course, I should have known that Danielle was familiar with the pub and knew the manager! I was pleased to hear Danielle liked the idea of meeting there, so I knew I was going to like it.

The Grapes, Southampton

Southampton’s maritime associations date back to 1838 when the first foundation stone of the dock was laid. In 1840 the railway link to London opened and two years later the first dock was complete. Southampton soon became known as the Gateway to the Empire, and in 1912 The Grapes was a popular haunt with dock and ship workers including the crew of the Titanic.

Original ornate sign of The Grapes, Southampton

As you approach the building, you can see the original ornate sign from 1912. The inside of the pub is huge and refreshingly traditional. There are no airs and graces here, but the management, staff and locals are so friendly and the gin menu would put any ‘swanky bar’ to shame.

As a long shot, I asked one of the bar staff if they would be able to make a ‘Sapphire Princess’ cocktail, which they did.

The ‘Sapphire Princess’ cocktail

The walls inside are adorned with incredible Titanic memorabilia. The star of the show has to be a framed blueprint of the ship.

Story of the Slade Brothers

The story that made The Grapes most famous for it’s connection with RMS Titanic, is the lucky escape of the Slade Brothers. This plaque outside the pub tells the story.

Titanic Memorabilia

Here is just some of the Titanic memorabilia that can be found at The Grapes pub.

Southampton Shore Excursions

If you are visiting Southampton as a port of call, the cruise line probably wont tell you about The Grapes. For obvious reasons they don’t like to mention Titanic, which is a shame because most cruisers have a place in their heart for the ship. We can imagine how the people on board would have been feeling about being on such an incredible vessel for her inaugural transatlantic. We know that feeling of excitement as you embark your cruise ship and the anticipation of making memories.

The Grapes is located in Oxford Street, which is a short stroll from Dock Gate 4 (Princess, P & O and Cunard) and about 15 minutes from Dock Gate 10 (Royal Caribbean, MSC, Celebrity Cruises). There are always taxis available at the port and in the UK you get a standard rate, so no need to haggle like you do in some other countries.


41-43 Oxford Street, Maritime Quarter, Southampton, Hampshire, SO14 3DP


Mon: 12:00 – 22:30
Tue – Wed: 12:00 – 23:00
Thu: 12:00 – 23:30
Fri – Sat: 12:00 – 00:00
Sun: 12:00 – 22:30

You can follow them on social media and share your photos when you visit

Facebook – The Grapes

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Ocean Liners Speed and Style – V & A Exhibition 2018

The romance of the golden era of cruising is something most of us can now only imagine. So, I was honoured and thrilled to be invited to the private view of Ocean Liners Speed and Style at the V & A last week.

This new exhibition is being sponsored by Viking Cruises, and gives an insight into the history of some of our most loved ocean liners through the decades. If, like me, you love the elegance, grandeur, opulence and extravagance of cruising, you will be in your element.

It’s not all about the glamour though. The curators have also shown the dangerous aspects of cruising in those days. Items on display include belongings that have been recovered from wreckages or salvaged before disaster struck. These include a Cartier tiara saved from the Lusitania which sank in 1915, and the the exhibition’s final piece is a panel fragment from the first class lounge on Titanic, where the ship broke in half. (See bottom of page for video)

Ocean Liners Speed and Style Photo: Piers Macdonald

As you step inside the V&A’s Ocean Liners Speed and Style exhibition it feels like you have travelled back in time.

The collection consists of over 250 objects spanning the years 1850 – 1970. A simply mesmerising exhibition that covers all aspects of the ocean liner, including engineering, safety and design, promoting and advertising through the eras to high society lifestyle and fashion.

Ships featured in the exhibition include; Queen Elizabeth, QE2, Titanic, Bremen, The Great Eastern, Canberra, Normandie, Queen Mary, Olympic, France, Lusitania, Mauretania, SS United States and more.

Advertising and Promoting The Ocean Liner

An enviable 1:48 scale promotional model of Queen Elizabeth made for Cunard in 1949, is the magnificent centrepiece of the first room at the exhibit. The walls are adorned with posters advertising grand voyages. This one (above) offers a first class return ticket to Australia for £140. Sounds affordable until you realise that would be over £7000 today. The ports of call from London would typically be, Gibraltar, Toulon, Naples, Port Said, Suez, Colombo, Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane. So that is proof that cruising is much better value for money these days as for as little as £3,000 more you can see the whole world.

“The Largest Steamers In The World” poster for Olympic and Titanic, White Star Line 1911.

A selection of posters adorn the walls of the exhibition. Our obsession for the ill-fated Titanic is well catered for with plenty of pieces to capture the imagination.

Eerie: This poster advertising the first sailing of the Titanic that tragically never happened.

The Geeky Bit

If you are more interested in the technical side of things, there is a lot for you to get your teeth into. An entire section is dedicated to shipbuilding materials, engines, propulsion, hull design, speed, safety and comfort. Detailed design drawings and models of engine systems will captivate and fascinate you.

Politics and War

Footage of Adolf Hitler walking the decks of the Robert Ley in 1939, and details of how ships were designed to be able to quickly convert into armed merchant cruisers, serves as as a reminder of how important these vessels were in times of political unrest.

Glamour and the Grande Descente

The Grand Staircase on Olympic, with the Honour and Glory Crowning Time panel in situ c.1911

Making an entrance was an important part of the cruise culture for the First Class passengers. The Ocean Liners grand staircase leading into the dining room, was the perfect place for them to show off their most fashionable evening wear. This pre dinner ritual was often referred to as the Grande Descent.

Ocean Liners Speed and Style Photo: Piers Macdonald

There is so much to see at the exhibition that I haven’t even touched half of what is there, but go and see it for yourself. This really is a charming, fascinating and enjoyable exhibit that will appeal to all ages. I am already planning a return visit with my son.

Ocean Liners: Speed and Style will be open from 3 February until 17 June 2018, at the V&A in London. It will then move to the V & A Dundee opening on 15 September 2018 until 24 February 2019.  Please purchase your tickets in advance to avoid disappointmen and are available at vam.ac.uk/oceanliners.

Ocean Liners Speed and Style Photo: Piers Macdonald