Take a Look At MSC Cruises New Bahamian Island


MSC Cruises have released a new rendered video of its exclusive Bahamian island destination, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve.

The video gives guests a taste of what they can look forward to while visiting the island. Ocean Cay will be part of itineraries exclusively for MSC guests in the Caribbean region.


Ocean Cay is in the Bimini chain of islands in western Bahamas. It was previously an industrial sand extraction site, but has now been restored to pristine condition. The 120-square-acre island is surrounded by a 64-square-mile marine reserve and four smaller cays.

The first guests will step onto the island on November 9, 2019. They will experience the white sandy beaches, beautiful blue water and lush Bahamian greenery. Guests can seamlessly pass directly between the ship and island throughout the day and evening to take advantage of all of the facilities available onboard and ashore.

In the video, viewers can see some of the island’s key areas including:

  • Many unique beaches including the Great Lagoon Beach: Located in an inlet at the center of the island, this is the largest single beach area and offers a haven with shallow crystal-clear water perfect for swimming and water sports.
  • The iconic Lighthouse: A striking 30m tall landmark with a Hemingway-style bar and a terrace, where guests can enjoy incredible sea views with a cocktail and live music. After sunset, guests can gather to watch a breath-taking light show.
  • Seakers Food Court: A buffet restaurant that offers freshly prepared meals from a variety of international culinary traditions.
  • Ice Cream Parlour: An ice cream shop and café that serves a wide variety of ice cream flavours and coffee drinks.

Responsible Tourism

One priority for MSC Cruises on Ocean Cay is the restoration of the coral. As an integral part of the marine ecosystem, it needs to be protected. Coral ensures biodiversity, provide a habitat for marine life and protect coastlines.

From November 2019, all MSC Cruises ships from Miami will call at Ocean Cay as part of the Caribbean itineraries.

For more information about the island and to book your trip, please visit: www.msccruises.co.uk/cruises/destinations/caribbean-southern-caribbean/bahamas/ocean-cay-msc-marine-reserve

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