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Harmony of the Seas – Art Collection

The Art of Harmony

During the inaugural cruise on Harmony of the Seas, I saw so many incredible works of art, I felt the collection onboard the world’s largest cruise ship, required a page of it’s own.

The 3,000 piece original art collection includes contemporary art work and modern art sculpture. Curated by International Corporate Art, they worked with artists from over 60 nationalities.


Scott James Gundersen created this portrait of his wife using recycled wine corks. This was one of my favourite pieces of art.  Vintages Wine Bar is where you will find the portrait.

His concept came from a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Gundersen was inspired by the resourcefulnes of the Congolese people who reuse everything.  For more information on his work visit

“Young, Wild and Free”

Artist Javier Vazquez’s artwork is themed on the young people of today, and how they are affected by the use of stereotypes in mass media.  This painting made me stop and smile.  It reminds me of how I feel inside. I should imagine alot of people feel like this when they are on the world’s largest cruise ship.

Mixed media on wood

The artist collaborated with Galeria Trama for this and other pieces of his artwork.  So next time you are looking for something to do in Barcelona, why not visit the Galeria Trama yourself?  You can follow them on their facebook page.

“Rose Colored Glasses”

Pretty as they are, I don’t think that was the artist’s intention when creating this sculpture.  Desire Obtain Cherish, otherwise known as Jonathan Paul is another artist who likes to challenge convention.  His other work includes a painting of three babies in cots, each being drip fed by different designer brands.

My interpretation is that Desire Obtain Cherish is suggesting the media feeds everything to us through a big pair of rose tinted glasses.  What do you think? Find out more on his facebook page Desire Obtain Cherish

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Whether it is classed as part of the collection or not, I thought this definitely needed a mention.  The jokes start before you enter this new venue.  The Attic is a new adult entertainment venue which hosts comedy nights and muscial performances.

Quotes from the great Aristotle, Voltaire and Sinatra.

“Busby’s Chandelier”

I could have stared at this for hours.  British artist Claire Shegog, created this artwork to reflect the impressive choreography Busby Berkeley was known for.

Up close you can see the tiny detail that has gone into creating each individual dancer.  The piece contains Swarovski crystals and goldleaf.

“The Wonder of our World ….

The world we live in …….. people, places, what we do, what inspires us.”

That is the title given to this incredible 3,000 piece collection.  Here is a short video of a few of the other pieces I saw onboard the world’s largest cruise ship.






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